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Brandon Myers
Sales & Leasing Consultant at City Chevy – City Ford

I give high recommendation for my guy Jeremy! He has helped me tremendously with achieving goals that at one time I thought would never happen anytime soon. Here 6 months into coaching I am on my way to reaching both I set out to do at the beginning of everything. My number of sales a month have went over 25% and my income has followed suit. I’m on pace to doubling my yearly income and working on management positions right now. He has taught me so much and I can’t wait to continue working with him once I get into management. I believe we are going to continue our rockstar lifestyles in the car business and keep crushing it month in and month out!

If you are that person who hasn’t reached their goals or are not happy with where you’re at in your sales career. My coach Jeremy is your guy to help you get to where you believe you deserve to be. He will get you out of your comfort zones and get you doing the right things to produce the outcomes you want.

Thank you Jeremy for everything you’ve helped me achieve and all the knowledge you’ve given me!

Much Love Brother!

Testimonial From:


Kimberly (Hartnett) Prete, Agency Sales Representative

I began working with Jeremy in February/March of 2018. It was through my company that a few of us were awarded the opportunity to be assigned a personal sales coach, and I was lucky enough to get Jeremy. My experience over the last 6 months has been life changing. Jeremy is more than a sales coach. Sure, we go through sales techniques, and he pushes me harder than I’ve ever pushed myself, but he is also my biggest cheerleader. He knows my goals, recites them to me at every meeting, and advocates for me within my company. He is positive, knowledgeable, and available. When I am prepping for a meeting, or leaving a prospect’s office, I can text/call Jeremy and I know he will make time for me. In the moment is when I do my best game-planning, and Jeremy is there every step of the way. I’ve learned so much, not just about sales technique, but about myself and what I’m capable of achieving, through my coaching sessions. I am very blessed to have Jeremy as a coach.

Testimonial From:


Daniel Castillo
Real Estate Broker at DixonPacifica

June 15, 2018,

Daniel was a client of Jeremy’s

Jeremy was so awesome to work with. The coaching he has offered me has not only helped increase my sales but given me tools to truly understand the how and why I’m doing things. Giving me the confidence and power to move myself forward and take charge or my sales “Destiny”

The time I have invested in learning from him without a doubt has played a quantifiable role in the success I’m seeing and given me the confidence to feel like I’m actually in control of my results.

I’d highly recommend anyone looking to take control of their career to work with Jeremy.

Thanks for all the help! My life is better and brighter largely in part to you.

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